Puppy buyers in the past have asked if they can come see the puppies after they are born. Mother dogs are protective of their litter and can be stressful for her to have strangers around the newborn puppies. The mother’s routine and ability to produce milk could be at risk. 

Like human babies, puppies have increased risk of picking up infectious diseases as their immune systems are still building. Visitors can,  innocently and unknowingly, bring in diseases from other public locations.

As much as we understand the excitement of a new puppy, and the buyer wanting to visit the puppies, we do not allow visitors until the puppies are approximately 8 weeks old, as their immune systems are much stronger by then. 

As a breeder, we have the responsibility of protecting not only your puppy, but the puppies of other families as well until they are picked up to go home. We hope you understand our reasons and we look forward to seeing you at 8 weeks.